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Large capacitors, with a PCB content of more than 3 pounds, have been used in electrical substations, within buildings, and on utility poles. The latest available information indicates that there were approximately 3. According to EPA estimates, at the end of there were approximatelyPCB transformers in use or in storage for reuse, 9 including approximately 77, PCB transformers used in or near commercial buildings e.

The use of high secondary voltage network PCB transformers in or near commercial buildings approximately 7, transformers after October 1,is prohibited. Low secondary voltage network and high secondary voltage radial PCB transformers in or near commercial buildings approximately 70, transformers must be equipped with enhanced electrical protection devices by October 1,to avoid overheating from sustained electrical faults.

Polychlorinated biphenylenes, 1326 polychlorinated pyrenes, 26 and polychlorinated diphenyl ethers 18 have been detected in soot samples collected following capacitor or transformer fires. An example of each type of fire-related incident involving PCB transformers is described in the Appendix. Table 1. The tetra- penta- and hexa-chlorinated isomer groups exhibit greater toxicity than the other chlorinated forms. Few other overt signs of toxicity were observed in mice, rats, and guinea pigs.

Monkeys exhibited facial edema, loss of eyelashes and fingernails, and acneform skin eruptions. Prominent histopathologic findings included: hepatic lesions in mice 43 and rats, 53 hyperplasia of the urinary tract epithelial tissues and lymphoid hypoplasia in, 4648 and thymic atrophy in all four animal species. Animals surviving for 42 days after administration of the soot showed dose-related evidence of decreased weight gain and kidney weight, thymic atrophy, increased serum triglycerides, goblet cell hyperplasia of pancreatic interlobular ducts, and metaplasia of salivary gland interlobular duct epithelium.

No signs of overt toxicity were observed in the rabbits, except dermal inflammatory reactions noted in rabbits treated with the soot extract. In a subchronic toxicity study, the total soot contained in food that was consumed in 90 days by guinea pigs was 1. The intensities of the toxic responses were dose-related, but no signs of toxicity were detected in guinea pigs with a total consumption of l.

The firefighters and other workers involved in the Binghamton transformer fire cleanup have been followed through a medical surveillance program. Medical evaluation of these workers approximately one year after the fire showed slight increases in serum PCB levels but no observable adverse health effects from this exposure, PCB - Hyperion (26) - PCB (Vinyl). There are several classifications for identifying a substance as a carcinogen. The following recommendations are intended to minimize worker exposure to these compounds and reflect experiences NIOSH personnel and others have gained in responding to such incidents.

Emergency response personnel should be informed of the presence of PCB-containing electrical equipment and of the potential health hazards associated with exposure to emissions from such equipment. All workers should understand that exposure can occur through inhalation, ingestion, and skin absorption by direct contact or by contact with contaminated surfaces, clothing, and equipment and recognize that exposure to some of these compounds may result in long term health effects.

Required registration of PCB PCB - Hyperion (26) - PCB (Vinyl) with local fire departments 10 is intended to assure early recognition of the potential hazards when a fire-related incident occurs. This information should be readily accessible to those persons responsible for the health and safety of emergency response personnel and others who may come into contact with PCB transformers.

To assist in the identification of PCB transformers the effective use of signs and labeling should be instituted. The number of emergency response personnel or cleanup workers entering a potentially contaminated area se. This action would minimize PCB - Hyperion (26) - PCB (Vinyl) number of workers exposed and would reduce the amount of protective clothing and equipment potentially contaminated.

Contamination assessment is necessary to determine the extent and relative degrees of contamination of an area following a fire-related incident. Air sampling should include PCB - Hyperion (26) - PCB (Vinyl) the particulate and vapor phase. Wipe samples should be taken on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Additional samples may include residual fluid in the transformer, fluid deposited in the vault, or soot.

In the selection of protective clothing, consideration should be given to the utilization of disposable apparel because of life uncertainty of decontamination of reusable clothing.

Outer protective garments should consist of a zippered coverall with attached hood and draw string, elastic cuffs, gloves, and closure boots. Inner garments should be disposed of after use because small amounts of contaminants may be transferred in removing outer garments. The use of respiratory protection for those involved in cleanup operations requires that a respiratory protection program be instituted which, at a minimum, meets the requirements of 29 CFR The respiratory protection program should include training of workers regarding the proper use, fit testing, inspection, maintenance, and cleaning of respirators.

The program should be evaluated regularly. Where a risk of exposure to airborne contaminants exists, such as when visible quantities of soot are to be removed, workers should wear a self-contained breathing apparatus with a full PCB - Hyperion (26) - PCB (Vinyl) operated in pressure-demand or other positive pressure mode. Alternatively, a combination supplied air respirator, with full facepiece, operated in pressure-demand or other positive pressure mode and equipped with auxiliary positive pressure self-contained PCB - Hyperion (26) - PCB (Vinyl) supply can be used.

In general, decontamination procedures must provide an organized process in which the extent and degree of contamination are systematically reduced. This should include procedures that take into account containment, collection, and disposal of contaminated solutions and residues generated during the incident and cleanup. Separate facilities should be provided for decontamination of large equipment.

Personnel decontamination locations should be physically separated from the contaminated area s to prevent cross-contact and should be arranged in order of decreasing level of contamination.

Access to the decontamination area should be separate from the path between the contaminated and clean areas. Dressing stations for entry should be separate from redressing areas for exit.

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